Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rainbow Connection

April 29, 2009
Sighhhhhh. Finally, two weeks out, Rob and I have a much needed and long awaited family moment with Elise and Ava in the cemetery. I had several dreams while I was carrying Ava in my belly on how this moment was going to be. A moment of sorrow, tenderness, joy, relief, happiness, emptiness, excitement... the list of feelings go on and on. But like some things at Home Sweet Kolkman... dreams don't always go to plan.

In my mind, before Rob and I delivered Ava, it was my thought that we would stop at the cemetery on the way home from the hospital... Having a springtime baby was surly going to allow this to happen in the weather department... How could we possibly bring our second daughter home without stopping to spend some time with our first? But little did I know this dream and thought were just not destine to be the case for "Our Rainbow Connection."

Somewhere between family and friends pouring into our home to meet Ava, well wishing us as a family, celebrating the triumphant joy of our bringing Ava into the world safe and sound, caring for Ava's needs, and adjusting to our new lives and journey ahead... All bets became off on any real time lines for our girls getting to know each other better. So I decided that dreams are really more like guidelines. Whether Rob, Elise, Ava, and I had our quiet moment in the cemetery before or after coming home from the hospital became neither here nor there for me... However, I did want this first moment in the cemetery to be spent together as a family. After all... I have learned over the past 18 1/2 months that families are forever. Besides, my girls already know each other from all of the time they spent together in the waters in-utero. Rob and I were pleased with how the first moment went... We have come so far... and our journey is truly just beginning. With love and tears for Elise & Ava... our daughters have officially experienced "The Rainbow Connection!"

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  1. Scott and I are so happy to finally meet you Miss Ava Elise Kolkman! Your mommy and daddy are so very happy to have you home with them.