Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sleep Sweet Sleep

April 30, 2009
Wondering how Miss Ava is doing with her sleep? Great! Last night Tweets was finally ready to be tucked into bed at 2:30am with a full belly and clean jammies. Okay night... morning.. it's all the same in newborn time... Then she slept "like a baby" until 8:30am! Thank you God! We needed that six hour stretch of sleep sweet sleep. All I can say is that on a night like that you feel like God has blessed you with the best baby ever. Now don't hate us just yet. This sleep pattern is not a consistant thing... Normally, we only get three to four hour naps in during the night. So this was a real treat!

We had a great day of lounging around the house... I did work on the current goals I posted but finished none of them... Ava hasn't noticed any change in her mommy's smell yet... Maybe Maple Suryp for breakfast? Since it was a rainy day we didn't get our stroller ride in... Maybe tomorrow. Instead, we listened to Elise music and read books. Ava is having more alert times during the day and it is so fun chatting with her. I am building up her verbal skills so she will be able to keep up socially with Jack, Emma, and Sylvia!!! The thank you notes are underway but are a far cry from being done. It will all get finished in time. Rome wasn't built in a day... Right?

Our neighbors, The Killebrews, brought us the best lasongna dinner ever! Thanks Jaime. I think after dinner (round two) we might have five bites left over. I will be needing the recipe. Delicious. We ate so much it was nuts. With our bellies stuffed to the brim, Ava and I, drifted back to dream land and enjoyed a three hour slumber. There is nothing better than taking a nap with your newborn snuggled in on your belly... Life at Home Sweet Kolkman is perfect or better. We are savoring all of these momets. Especially, sleep sweet sleep!

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