Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slow Poke

April 29, 2009
Pondering my thoughts about the lyrics to the Derius Rucker song, "It won't be like this for long," as Miss Ava takes her sweet time finishing her 4:30am feeding. I do love this time with her in the weeeee-weeeee hours of the morning. However, wishing for a little speed can't be a horrible thing for her sleepy mother to want... Right? Please don't misunderstand my tired plee... I don't wish her to grow up over night... who am I kidding.. I don't wish her to grow up ... AT ALL! But momma is pooped and we have a big day of appointments awaiting us just around the hour-hand... When will she understand the phrase, "Hustle Ava!...?"

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  1. If she is anything like her cousin, Miss Grace, the word "hustle" will never register in her sweet head. You have years of moving at her very own slowing than molasses pace. . . enjoy!