Monday, May 25, 2009

Ava visits Grandma's Work

May 14, 2009
Ava and I had a busy day. We packed up and made the rounds. It is still a challenge to get us both ready but slowly we are getting the hang of it... One day at a time right? I just keep telling myself that it will get easier when she finally sleeps through the night. If that statement isn't true... please don't tell me. I cling to the idea that she will sleep all the way through the night and that when she does my life will get a little more normal and a little more routine.

We had a great visit with friends from work to kick off the day. Thanks Amy Fox for opening up your home to us. We had a great time hanging out and meeting Shelby. She is a beautiful little girl too... Thanks for the gift. Wet will definitely happen. That little bag is just so cute. It was great seeing Amber, Ryder, and Carrie. Ava loved her little presents. You are all so kind.

After this visit we were off to Emden's USA Baby to get a few things. I don't often venture out to Kentwood so when I do I need to use my travel miles wisely. After Elise past away I never closed out my shower registeries. There are a few things I still need for Ava and other future children that I never purchased. Rob and my parents need to have their own carseat bases to tote Ole' Tweeter around in once I go back to work. It will be nice for them to have their own. This will save me a ton of time moving my base from vehicle to vehicle. With time already being an issue any means to management our time is worth while and will pay off in the long run.

I have not been in this store since I registered for Elise so it was hard going back. But Ava and I survived and now that I have all of the baby goods I could possbile need... I never have to step foot into this store again. Well, at least not until Ava is having children of her own. I will say on a positive note that I did find Ava a photo album with a tree, bird's nest, and blue bird egg for her pictures. What a find! I just can't believe how many little blue bird things are available to buy. She is going to be my blue bird tweeter for life.

After this busy day of getting ready, having a playdate at the Fox's, and shopping at Emden's USA Baby.... Ava and I decided to stop buy and visit Grandma Barron at her work. Grandma had no idea that we were coming and she was pleasently suprised to see us. She was able to show off Ava to Linda Champion, her boss, and to all of her other co-workers. She was grining from ear to ear. A PROUD Grandma to say the least. Ava is really lucky to have a Grandma to love her like my mom. There is just something special between a Grandma and her Grand-baby. I think this photo I posted says it all.

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