Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better Than Any Gift You Can Open

May 2, 2009
Snuggling Ava in bed this morning was the best gift ever. I am not sure who is being spoiled more... Ava or Mommy? Either way what a great way to start the day. Today is Ava's actual due date... 40 weeks old gestationally and counting. May 2, 2009 will forever be remembered as the perfect mother-daughter day. Ava and I soak in these moments to the fullest. I wish continuously, that time could stop slipping through the hourglass. An impossbible wish I know. I would do anything to slow down the hands of time. With love and tears... my little girl is growing up before my eyes.

Ava woke up today bright eyed and bushy tailed. After sleeping five hours straight through the night she was full of smiles. She nuzzled into momma and belled up to the bar. She munched until she was full and her eyes weighed heavy. We read books and sang songs until she completely drifted back into never-never land. We snuggled in bed like this for a couple of hours today. Life sure is good with Ava in it... Tweet-Tweet!

When times are good, be happy. ECCLESIASTES 7:14 NIV

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