Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ava's Album & Birth Announcements

May 9, 2009
Today Ava's pictures arrived and they turned out beautiful! While the day was bitter-sweet at Home Sweet Kolkman taking them without Elise, I am happy we have this beautiful album and amazing birth announcements to celebrate Ava's safe arrival.

I had to pick them up from Elaine, the photographer, at the Target on Alpine. Now that is a thirty minute drive one way from Home Sweet Kolkman. I had Ava all set for a two hour stretch and decided it would be nice to leave her with Rob. Daddy seemed to be ready for his first real stretch of watching her on his own. How hard can it be with a full belly and a clean diaper on board? Tweet-Tweet.

I fully enjoyed the luxury of driving without worrying about crazy nut drivers who get too close to the Journey with her in it. I enjoyed having the music up loud and not listening to Ava breathing in the back seat. It's now about the simple things in life people! After I picked up the album and birth announcements I even went inside Target. Double Treat. I can shop so much faster without my birdie chirping. I was able to use the gift card Tweets received and I purchased some baby essentials. Formula, diapers, wipes, diaper gene refills, slow flow bottle nipples, extra pacifiers, a pacifier clip (so you can never loose them), and Dreft. I loved this gift. You just can't go wrong with a Target Gift Card.

Then back home to check on Home Sweet Kolkman. Rob did great. Ava chirped for only thirty minutes. Baby steps Daddy. When I arrived home Rob's sister, Ann, Jason, Sylvia, and Tucker were visiting. They brought us dinners, brownies, and muffins. Triple Treats. This Saturday is looking brighter and brighter by the minute. We are so lucky to have great support. Who doesn't love food showing up at your door step? I am going to owe Ann BIG. Really BIG. Ava is so lucky to have an Aunt like Aunt Ann. Not only did she bring food... she brought Ava a CD of children's music and her very own stationary! What little baby can't use stationary? This may seem over the top but really it is perfect for Ava to send out special notes. Probably to her Aunt Ann! Tweet-Tweet.

Then my cousins, Lisa and Audra, came over to see Ava. I am telling you that this day is getting better and better. Ava had some snuggle time with them. Plus, Audra brought her two beautiful girls, Ashley and Erica, to love on her. Can you say Fourth Treats? If you can.. I am. Fourth Treats! They treated Ava to a bunch of goodies as well. Our baby is the luckiest ever. Leave it to them to create a creative memories album for her. Lords knows I don't have the time. We will be filling it up with a bunch of Ava snap shots before I go back to work. Taking her picture daily is no trouble at all to fit in. I must take millions of her daily and they are all album worthy.

Then we went to my cousins for a surprise birthday party. More fun. Fifth Treats! Since this entry is super long already I will post a separate entry on this later. Finally, we stopped in to see Greg and Patti Hardin on the way home. What are we at now? Sixth Treats? Yup. Sixth Treats! Lucky day Ava. We made the rounds and now you are sure to sleep like a baby. This is really a funny comment. I am not sure why people use it. Babies don't sleep like the comment suggests. But I am sure hoping she will. I can handle it. Seventh Treats? Today anything is possible.

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