Monday, May 25, 2009

Rob gets a New Truck

May 15, 2009
Rob officially has a new truck! It has been more than his turn for a new ride. We seem to never get ahead with the green at Home Sweet Kolkman. It's always something with money. When we have a little there is always something waiting to suck it up. We were thinking about getting Rob a newer truck when the Grand-Am was totalled out by some young driver who was not paying attention. For those of you who do not know the story I will just give a little blurb on it... November 13, 2008 on my way home from work I was in an accident (with Ava 16 weeks in-utero) that totalled out the Grand-Am. Then Thanksgiving weekend we bought the Journey-to-Motherhood and Rob went back on the waiting list. He was so happy to finally upgrade to the 2005 Avalanch and I am happy for him. Not to mention... Ava is lucky not to have to ride in the old Dodge. She was trusty and rusty but all in all Tweets is better off in something with a few less miles and with a few more safety features.

After the Avalanch made it from the car lot to our home it sat in the driveway for about twenty minutes before Rob installed Ava's car seat base. I think he was ready to have the daddy ride. He was so proud putting Ava in his new truck for the first time that I captured it on film. His smile is priceless. Maybe this truck for him is his Avalanch-to-Fatherhood. We took a family cruise that evening and Ava rides so nice. Oh... so does his new truck. The Avalanch is so much cleaner, so much quieter, and so much newer. Ava and I love the new truck Rob. Tweet-Tweet~

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