Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gearing up for Memorial Day

May 23, 2009
Memorial Day in the cemetery is a big day. At Rusk Cemetery, where Elise is resting, there is a no artificial flower rule. So everyone who rests there receive beautiful floral arrangements this time of year. Elise is the only soul who has real flowers all year long. Yes, even in the winter! So when the cemetery comes to life and other souls are being loved and visited by their living family members... it's fun for us to see. The amount of flowers and other sentiments family members leave their deceased loved ones warms my heart.

Elise has the biggest and beautifulest floral arrangement of coarse, go figure. Rob and I usually pick out Elise's big flowers together. But with a new baby in the house Rob picked out Elise's flowers on his own this year. I think he did a great job doing this task solo for 2009. We brought them to her today with Ava as a family. They are so pretty. Rob maintains her flowers all spring and summer long with lots of water and fertilizer. She is so spoiled, so loved, and so missed.

The cemetery does have a grounds keeper and nearby neighbors who water all of the flowers twice a week. I have spoken to these wonderful watering souls a few times. They know Rob and I frequently visit Elise and tend to her flowers diligently. They typically do not water her flowers. However, they do spray them to keep the deer and bunnies away. What a great place to rest! It is so peaceful, so well maintained, and so vibrant with color all spring and summer long.

Rob and I remember our first born daughter every second of every day. We personally do not need a holiday dedicated to remember her. But it is nice to have a holiday set to officially remember our loved ones as a whole who have past on and for our service men and women who have died fighting for our countries freedom. We look forward to this holiday each and every year. My family has incorporated bring Elise her big live flower basket this week as Kolkman tradition. Memorial Day is a holiday truly worth celebrating. We love and miss you forever and always Elise Renee!

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