Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grandmother's and Grandfather's House

May 7, 2009
What a busy morning of trying to get Ava and I ready and out the door by 11 am. We have a cleaning lady who comes to give me a hand twice a month and today is the day Home Sweet Kolkman gets a much needed face lift.

Now in my previous life I would be able to sleep in, have breakfast, take a long shower, have lots of bathroom time for hair and makeup, pick up the house, and get organized to be on my way for the day in about an hour. Just adding sweet Ava to the mix adds another two hours. How can this be? A newborn who is so good now adds two hours to everything in my life. Wow! Tweets I would have never guessed you would be so much wonderful work at this stage in your life. But with or without me the days march on... Time to buck up and pull myself up by the boot straps cause the clock is ticking.

We woke up after getting only four hours of sleep total in the night at 8am. We were up for most of the night with sneezes, buggers, and coughs. Such a tiny bark you have Babe. Breaks your mom's heart to see you sickly. But without wasting any time we each had breakfast which takes forever for my slow poke. Then I had to pump and clean all of the dairy equipment when I was finished. On to the next task. Tick-Tock.

I took the worlds fastest shower. I would have really loved a long shower since I haven't had one in 36 hours. This is another shocking thing... Hygiene is so important to me and yet the minutes slip through my fingers so fast that it doesn't always happen in a day. Am I the only mom out there who can't get it together to fit in a daily thirty minute time slot for some quality bathroom time? I am not complaining about all of the work or time it takes to get the jobs done at Home Sweet Kolkman... I am just simply commenting on how impossible it is some days to fit in the most basic of things. Time management and organization seem to no longer exist in my life. Who would have thought my Tweets would keep me from a shower here and there?

After breakfast and showering I realized it was 10:45. Crap. I had to haul my rear end off to pack up Ava for the day and be ready to leave ASAP. So I grabbed the dairy farm, threw her diaper bag together, made bottles, grabbed her clothes, and bath supplies since there is no time now to get her tubbie in. I packed it all up in the Journey and headed to Grandmother's and Grandfather's house. The whole way there I just kept day dreaming about the wonderful nap I would get to take once I had Ava settled in.

Now getting there was only half of the battle. There was unpacking the Journey and setting up shop at Grams. Ava was ready to eat again so thus starts the process of feeding time again and visiting the farm. When that was all said and done... Ava had her first bath away from home. She liked it and my parents had tons of fun snapping bath time photos. I no sooner dressed Ava and snuggled her in with Grandma before the clock read 2pm. Now I'm finally ready to enjoy that sleep sweet sleep I had been dreaming about. ZZZZZZZZ. Sigh, 4pm and Ava's up and ready to eat. Do you see where I am leading with all this? Breast feed her, bottle feed her, pump, and clean up... The day repeats over and over all around a little birds feeding schedule. Clearly, the early bird gets the worm.

Tug on my boot straps one more round cause it's time to pack up the Journey and head back home. Unpack. Then feeding starts all over again. This time Rob was home to help. I'm trying to gear up for another long night of sleeplessness. Sighhhhh... I love every single minute of this. Motherhood is the best! "Ava... I love you more than words could ever say."


  1. We can't wait to meet her tomorrow!!! She is such a doll!!

  2. You are not the only mother who wishes for 30 minutes of alone time to shower!