Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maiden Voyage

May 12, 2007
Ava and I enjoyed our first walk to the cemetery to visit our special Angel, Elise's, Resting Place. The weather was perfect for our first mile and a half jaunt. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the bugs were buzzing. It took us nearly half of the day to get ready to leave the house. By three o'clock we finally made it by the skin's of our teeth. Ava loved bouncing along the dirt road to the cemetery in her Baby Hawk infant carrier. I enjoyed the fresh air, change of scenery, and time to spend with both of my daughters. On this first walk, I did realize that the gnats are out in full force. I was swatting them away from Ava and I pretty much non-stop so the trip was short and sweet. I am on a mission to get a stroller net so I can keep Ava off bug limits. Bugs or no bugs, starting "Elise Traditions" with Ava are so important to me personally because they keep my daughters connected in the only ways they can be. This sunny trip made my day and fulfilled my dreams of our first walk to Rusk Cemetery. Here's to many more walks, talks, and trips to visit Elise's Resting Place. Rest In Peace My Dear One.

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