Friday, May 8, 2009

Grandma & Emma Visit

May 8, 2009
Grandma can't stay away. Thank goodness this is true! Today Grandma and Emma came to lend a hand and visit Ava at Home Sweet Kolkman. They were such great helpers feeding Ava her bottle while I took a trip to the farm. You two are the best! Thanks for bringing me the groceries I ordered over the phone and for treating me to lunch. I was able to get so much done during this visit.

Really, thanks mom. What would I do without you? I am just going to keep typing the word "thanks" so when you read this... you will really know how much I appreciate all you do. Someday I will repay you the favor. Cross my heart. When you are old and gray I will have plenty of time to bring you a case or two of Ensure and give you that Olga-V perm I promised. I will even color your grays that cool violet color I talked about with you. Kidding mom. Well kind of kidding. But seriously, I loved getting some laundry done, picking up the kitchen, and taking a thirty minute stretch in the bathroom. Life is good with Grandma and Emma in it.

On a side note: Miss Grace was dressed as a beautiful ballerina with butterfly wings. Clearly, her wings were Elise inspired! I know Ava was taking in all of the girlishness Emma has to offer her. I love that Ava has Emma as her big girl cousin to look up to. What a great role model. Thanks for spending the day with us Emma. We love you.

I have many hopes and wishes for Ava in her life. I am dreaming up her future as you, my faithful readers, take in this entry. I want Ava to be a well round little girl. She must be a lady of many hats. She has to be girly-girl with me and love all things pink and frilly. We will have tea parties and go shopping. She also must be smart, sweet, and have several interests in her life. Maybe she will have a love for reading, writing, music, dance, cooking, archery, swimming, or other sports and crafts. Only time will tell and I will be helping her find new things to try until she has an opinion and say-so of her own. She has to be an outside girl and go fishing and hunting and with her daddy. He can teach her about cars and fixing things. Plus she can play outside with him in her pink camoflague or go to Gander Moutain! I can't wait to have photos of her with her pink Barbie pole holding her first Sunfish or Blue-gila-sorus. My sweet baby girl get ready to let the good times roll. Your Mumzie has big plans!

But for now we just need to keep working on feedings so you can grow up big and strong. Again Grandma here's one more thanks... Thanks. By the looks of Ava... she was happy with this visit too!

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