Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miss Playful

May 21, 2009
I love that my baby is getting a playful side. Ava absolutely cracks me up. The more I laugh at her the more she is pleased with her silly ole' self. It is facinating to me how she is developing. She is learning so much so fast even at a month and a half old. Her little senses are coming to life right before my very eyes. She is discovering so much about the world around her and it is such a joy to watch.

Ava has a boppy playmat. As you can see it has tons of toys hanging like bugs, butterflies, flowers, a mirror... etc. It plays music for her and it is a soft spot for her to play. She loves this mat. She is just starting to find her voice and it is such a delightful high pitched squeak and squeal. I can get her so reved up trying to grab at these hanging objects that taunt her so... She just squeals. She gets her little arms a going and I think my Tweeter just might take flight. I can't wait for the day when she can actually get these toys. Who would have thought that learning to use your hands and grab could be so much fun.

I guess with this entry all I wanted to say is that watching my baby play, learn, and discover is so fun and so amazing to watch. I can see her mind and senses work as she tries to get these toys. She is using all of her senses to discover the world around her. Everything is so captivating to her and in turn her learning process is captivating to me! I can spend hours just watching her and getting her all excited about her toys and learning. My sweet baby girl is learning to PLAY! With these photos posted... you can see what a hoot she is and how she can ham it up. I just wish you could here her squeal with excitement. Maybe I will learn how to post some video. It's definitely something to see her do with your own two eyes. Ava has a super-duper playful side and I am loving it!

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