Saturday, May 2, 2009

The not so Glamorous to Drama Queen

April 30, 2009
It was a long night at Home Sweet Kolkman. Ava decided that she was only going to sleep in two hour stretches and she would be starving hungary all night long. So... we were up most of the night nursing. Amazingly, I still think this child is just wonder-fully wonderful. Clearly, God makes the connection between mother and child so strong that even an exhausting night cannot shake the bond. I have no greater joy than spending the night with Ava, Little Miss Munch-Munch!

The morning started out a little sleep deprived but all in all we were still smiling. Then the tides turned. Our hungary muncher who ate all night became "A Poop Bomb!" She pooped and pooped and pooped until she could poop no more... After all what goes in must come out. We had poop on baby, poop on jammies, poop on onsies, poop on blankets, poop on boppy, and poop on mommy! I'ts amazing... Momma still thinks her Tweets is Sweets!

With very few options available to fix my Poop Bomb... I decided she needed a tubbie. Ava is really liking bird baths in her big girl tub... Maybe this is her reason for all the pooping? Hummmmm... A thought to ponder.

Dressed and clean for most likey only a moment in time... Ava goes from being my Glamour Girl... to my not so glamorous girl... to my Drama Queen. The only other thing to make this ending more fabulous would be if Ava's mom could turn into THE DAIRY QUEEN!


  1. She is adorable, Erin! I'm so happy for your family. :)

    ~becky pomp

  2. Even full of poop, Ava is the most gorgeous little tweetie! Enjoy her.... Lots of love.