Monday, May 4, 2009

Gap Bear Hibernates

May 4, 2009
Ava and I spent another fun filled day together at Home Sweet Kolkman. We went for a walk, finished the laundry, paid the bills, balanced the checkbook, read books, listened to Baby Einstein, and had friends over for dinner. Our day of sunshine really heated up our "nest" and by the time Daddy came home we were roosting in 74 degrees. Rob is very warm blooded and decided that it was time to kick on the central air. So out of nowhere the temperature in our home dropped and Ava and I were shivering. Baby Gap Bear to the rescue! What a great treat for my Tweets!

In the wild, brown bears hibernate for the winter season. When Daddy turned on the arctic air in our nest he triggered the same response. It was instantly winter and Ava need to hibernate! I have never seen such a cute brown bear sleeping sack.
Baby Gap is sure to see this and want to hire Ava on the spot to model their line of winter fashion... Watch out! I have a Gap Poster Child on my hands. Like mother like daughter. Ava you are as cute as a Brown Bear Button! Sweet Dreams Baby!

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