Monday, May 25, 2009

A Special Visit

May 18, 2009
Tiffini Booth came to visit us today. This was a very special visit. Tiffini and I have become friends over the past 19 months. Her twin daughters, Marrisa and Annisa share a similar story in life as Elise. They past away in-utero at 36 weeks from an exposure to the chicken pox virus. Her girls would be 16 years old this June. Having Tiffini as a friend has been very helpful. Her and her husband, Chris, know exactly what Rob and I are going through. She has talked with me, cried with me, and has shared her own personal journey through grief with me. She has been someone I can look to for hope of better days to come. At times it has been hard to believe the hope she talks about and of the happiness she has personally come to know. Now that Ava is here safe and sound I understand a little more about happiness and sorrow co-existing. Now that it does at Home Sweet Kolkman I can honestly say the world feels a little less evil. Time has healed me some and I have softened a little in my own grief. I am lucky to have a friend like Tiffini.

Having her come today to visit with my rainbow baby... was very special. Especially since I know how hard baby girls can be... even 16 years later. I am glad that she opened her heart and took the time to meet Ava and hold her. She brought us a beautiful white rose bush to plant in Elise's rose garden. It's beautiful and we look forward to watching it grow in the years to come. It is nice when people take time to celebrate in your joy and still remember your past and how far you have come. Thanks Tiffini! I appreciate your kindness and the fact you never will forget our Elise. Your friendship is one in a million. I am happy knowing our daughters are together playing in those streets of gold!

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  1. The amazing thing about losing a baby is what you gain afterwards and that is the friendships that form. It is a kind of friendship that only "special" people can handle and it is a lifelong thing. I love your daughters and I know you love mine and I cherish our friendship now and always will. We are definitely a special kind Erin and no matter how many years pass and how many babies are born we always will remember there is just no getting around it and it is special without a doubt very, very special.
    thanks for mentioning me in your blog, u are so sweet and do such a good job with all your postings!!