Thursday, May 7, 2009

The perfect way to end the day

May 6, 2009
After a long day of running errands going to Grandma's and Grandpa's was the perfect way to end the day. In fact, there is no better way to end a day than going to Grandmother's and Grandfathers house. This was no ordinary visit. This was the first visit not in-utero and it was a surprise visit! Oh boy Ava... Your Grandma and Grandpa Barron were never so happy to see you. Within seconds their cameras were out and they were snapping photos of you and your first visit at their house.

We had a super busy day today and left the house at 10:45 am. Mom noticed that after Tulip Time you stated to sneeze a lot and you had a little cough. You were not running a fever but we called your pediatrician's office to make sure Dr. Hoogstra didn't want to see you. Since you were not feverish we decided to keep an eye on you and that your sneezes and cough were probably more "Tulip Time" pollen related than an actual cold. What a sad little sneeze and cough babe... Momma feels bad for showing you all the pretty flowers.

We went to see a lactation consultant this morning at Baby Beloved in the Women's Health Center. What a helpful consult with someone who is breast feeding savvy. Ava and I were there for about two hours getting some pointers and practicing. Who would have thought something that is suppose to be so natural can be so unnatural. We talked about switch nursing, keeping you awake when you eat, pumping, formula supplementing, taking Fenugreek, setting time limits, and getting you on some schedule. Sounds like a recipe for success little one. Mom just needs a little more time to tell the dairy that the bar needs more milk. Than bada-bing bada-bang... your tummy is sure to be full on just mommy's milkie. If you ever learn one thing about your mom.. it is that she will never give up on you.. NOT EVER sweet Slow Poke! So stick with me baby and I'll show you the way.

Then we had a little lunch and a play date with our buddies Alison and Levi Heeringa. We have such fun at their house. Ava... you just need some time to get a little bit bigger and Levi will show you all of his fun tricks. Lots of giggles and squeals coming out of him. It's hard for your mom to believe that you will be as big and animated as him someday real soon... I am squishing you down as I type. How fast time flies when you are having fun.

Then to the mall to get our Mother's Day shopping done... A hard day coming up for your mom. Missing your sister, Elise, forever and always. Oh... we finally went to Hallmark and took care of our "Rainbow Monkey" debt. The Hallmark girls were nice about letting me right my shoplifting. We all had a little laugh. But I would like to not make shoplifting a habit. We do not promote stealing of any kind at Home Sweet Kolkman.

With such a busy day... I can't wait for sleep. Where is my six hours of sleep in a row baby? Tweet-Tweet. With your stuffy nose and cough mom doesn't have a prayer. This sure was a busy way to celebrate 3 weeks of your life Ava... What was I thinking?

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