Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tulips at Tulip Time

May 5, 2009
Little Dutch girl gets to go to Tulip Time for the first time! Oh yeah... my Little Tulip is wearing a navy blue dress with pink tulips. How perfect for this occasion. The fun I have dressing Ava for the places I take her to is endless. Ava and I took this annual trip to Holland with our neighbors the Arnoldinks and the Barksdales to eat greasy carnival food for dinner, see the Tulips in full bloom, and the Dutch Boys and Girls in costume. We were bummed that daddy couldn't go with us because he was working late. But we did bring him home some "blue bird" cotton candy. Tweet-Tweet.

After we filled our bellies with sausages on homemade fried buns, french fries, and pop we strolled on to see the Dutch Boys and Girls clomp and dance. What fun to hear all the stomping of wooden shoes on pavement. They've got rhythm! So much rhythm that the show they put on danced Ava into dreamland. How my Little Tulip slept through it all is beyond me... Dutch Baby Magic!

Then for round two we ate Elephant ears and Carmel apples... Yummy! Ava you must be thinking maple syurp is nothing... After all these eats and treats momma's gonna smell sugary sweet and taste greasy yummy too! Hope your belly can handle it.

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  1. Love the pics Erin. What a fun day. Give Ava a kiss for me.