Friday, June 26, 2009

Ava takes a Hot Summer's Dip

June 23, 2009
Today the weather was hotter than hot in Cozy Acres. Temper-atures have officially reached a whopping 90+ degrees this summer and the humidity is out of this site. So after Ava's morning nap we headed over to the Arnoldink's for a "pool day." In all honesty, I was really excited for Ava to try out her new swim duds. I must say she looked cutter than cute sporting this water ready look from Old Navy. She was fashionably sporting a pink and orange cover-up hoodie, a pink and orange flower swimmy-suit, pink flip-flops, birdie towel, and pink sun glasses. (Ava is not seen wearing her pink shades... Oops! They were darling on her... I will capture them on her next time readers... next time.) I will say that our little sun bather looked healthy showing off her chubby arms and thighs. At this angle our Tweeter looks quite thin for being a twelve pound keeper.

This picture of our pool beauty says it all... Hot and Crabby!

Normally, Ava loves going into the tub... so I thought why not use it to cool her off outside in this heat. But for whatever the fashion-ista's reasons... she was not impressed. The look on her face and the tears speak for themselves. Maybe she didn't want to get her new duds wet. I explained to her that in public we don't skinny dip in the tub like we can inside at Home Sweet Kolkman for bath time. But she wasn't buying my reasoning or the wet bathing suit. I guess I will have to work with her on this one some. I am sure in time she will turn into a true water baby. It is in her genes to love the pool.

The Ava grizzlies bought her out of the tub and out of her cute Old Navy swimmy-suit. Once she calmed down some she did enjoy a long nap in the Aquatic Swing. Nothing like sleeping in the bird-buff with your "peeper." Baby-nite-nite. Ava slept for about two hours in the warm summer breezes of our country side. While she napped I caught a little summer fun in the sun of my own. A little tanning, a cocktail, dipping my feet in the big kid pool, talking with Kris, and watching her girls play was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. A little time spent at the Arnoldink's did Ava and I some summer good. Thanks neighbors!

All in all, I think for trying something new Ava did okay at "the pool". Plus... with or with out the water Ava can really model off swim wear. America's Top Model better watch out. If Tweeters could walk I am sure she would be struttin' her tail feathers on the Cat-Walk! Tweet-Tweet!

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