Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ava's 2 month check-up

June 17, 2009
Ava had her two month well child check up today at ABC Pediatrics. Rob and I were both looking forward to knowing officially how much our baby has grown over the past month and a half from her last appointment. Boy were we surprised. Ava now weighs 12 pounds even and is 22 & 3/4 inches long! What a chunk. That is just under a five pound weight gain from her two week check-up and almost a five inch length gain from her birth. So when I say Ava is growing like a weed... that's a fact!

Tweeter is definitely a good eater and a nice armful. Her height and weight place her in the 62nd percentile along the well child check bell curve. My Ava is certainly THRIVING! Dr. Hoogstra said she is strong, shows good development of her senses, and has great social skills. That-A-Baby! All of our playing, talking, reading, and singing are paying off!

She survived her immunizations by a thread. I say this only because she had baby Tylenol on board 3o minutes prior to arriving and she liked the sweet tasting oral rhotovirus. Nurse Sarah was organized and had all three shots ready to go so I didn't have to hold her legs down... she did. I am thankful for that. Pre-poke Ava was all smiling and cooing in between sucking on her goo-goo. Then came the first shot... Her little peepers got super big... Her bottom boot-lip came out... Her eyes shut tighter than tight. In fact, I couldn't see her lashes anymore! Then came the big girly cry. She belted out this, "It hurts me momma!" dramatic cry for a full minute past the last poke. It was so sad to hear her tweet-tweet. Three round band-aids later, Lily Mae, and a 4 oz. bottle before things were looking up. Poor Baby. Her Tylenol finally came to the rescue... and baby Ava night night. We took it easy for the rest of the day and just snuggled on the couch. Life at two months old isn't all sugary sweet.


  1. Look at those chubby thighs!!! Awww, poor baby - complete with bandaids :(

  2. Tweets is so precious! Thanks for the updates. We love seeing her new pictures and stats.

  3. erin tweets sure is fillin out since the last time i saw her. she is so cute! miss you and glad to see things are going well. c u soon brook