Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ava's Baptism

June 7, 2009
Ava was baptised today. It feels good to have this under our belts. This day was bitter-sweet for Rob and I. We were able to celebrate this milestone with Ava among our family, friends, and our church community. But it is times like this when we feel Elise's absence the most.

The last time Rob and I planned a family event at church was for the funeral of our first born child. So many memories flood our minds for today. A part of our grief that will never leave us. But today's church service and baptismal ceremony is a time of joy and celebrating Ava's life as we welcome her into Holy Spirit and help God into her heart.

Todd and Christina, or shall I say Uncle Toddzie and Auntie C., are Ava's God Parents. They are also Elise's! We are doing all of the little things possible to keep our girls connected. Thanks Todd and Christina for taking on this special role in Ava's life. I know you will be the best of the best for her to role model our faith in the world around us.

The mass was good and it was nice having Father John Vallier for the service. He is the priest who gave Rob and I our pre-marriage counseling, he married us, he came to the hospital when Elise past away and blessed her body, and now it is great having him share in Ava's baptism. He is a great priest and has seen Rob and I along our journey together as a couple and has been with us for some big milestones in our lives. I hope to share many more positive events with Fr. John. Thanks Father.

Now here is some Barron baptism history... In our family, there is an old baptismal gown that my dad's grandmother made by hand. It is sixty-one years old to date and it still looks beautiful. I love that my great grandmother made this gown and that it has been worn by generations of my family. It is so beautiful and delicate. The last person to wear it was Elise which makes this gown all the more special. I am glad that Miss Ava was next in line to slip into this gown. Then to follow the church ceremony I had a beautiful off-white cable knit dress for Ava to wear. I picked out this dress for Ava while she was 18 weeks in-utero at the Gap Outlet in Birch Run. It is perfect because Elise also wore an off-white cable knit dress from the Gap on the day of her funeral. So in a way not only is the family gown tradition to wear so is having a cable knit dress. And....Ava, you looked beautiful in both dresses!

To follow mass we had a small gathering of family and friends back at our house for brunch and dessert. It was quite the feast. We were hoping that right after mass our neighbors, Adam & Angie, could start cooking all of the the oven items... but we had our house locked up tighter than fort knocks and they were not able to start cooking up the feast we had prepared... Oh well, we tried and we ate an hour post arriving back at home versus right away. Trial and error. We will be better next time family and friends who patiently waited to eat.

After the meal we opened gifts. Ava was showered with lots of faith filled presents. She received kid christian story books, bibles, angel figurines, angel pins, a cross, clothes, money, and more. Thanks everyone for your generosity. We will put all of these gifts to good use. Thanks for celebrating this milestone with Ava. May there be many more celebrations on her behalf. Tweet-Tweet!

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