Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lily Mae

June 3, 2009
Who is Lily Mae? Well she is Ava's favorite baby for the time being. I have been playing up a storm with Ava here at Home Sweet Kolkman and I have introduced her to every toy and baby known to man. This little frog blanket is her personal favorite. It is neat seeing her make this baby selection on her own.

I discovered Ava one day just lovin' on this baby. She sucks on Miss Lily's three fingers on her left paw and kisses her on the lips! I was hoping that she would kiss me on her own first but how can I compete with this adorable little creature? Clearly, I just can't. I am only the girl's mother. I guess I shouldn't feel too bad really, I am not the only one who is second fiddle to Lily Mae. Glow worm gave her a run for her money along with her lamb rattle and pink bunny from Bunnies by the Bay. But Lily has one up on all of us. She is a combo baby... Part frog and part silky blanket. At this point in time she is the front runner of favorites in Ava's life.

As Ava is exploring the world around her and developing her own sense of style and personal flare I will keep you readers in her loop of favorites. There is nothing better in life than playing with my Tweeter. Not only do I get to help her explore all of these new things around her... I also get to watch her brain develop and see her build up her language and social skills. Plus she is learning how to use her hands and fingers and build all sorts of strength in her neck, arms, and legs. What a great way to spend my day and bond with this precious life I have longed for. Life at Home Sweet Kolkman really is Sweet Sweet Sweet. Thanks Ava for all the joy you bring into my life. I love you sweet girl! Hugs and Kisses XXXOOO Forever and Always.

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