Sunday, August 30, 2009

July 8, 2009

We made it last night! Ava and I got to the cottage late Tuesday night and the gang was up waiting for us. Ava slept the entire way. We unloaded our stuff into Grandma's and Grandpa's cottage and made ourselves at home. Ava had a bottle in her sleep and then slept great the whole night in her moses basket without waking up once. When she did wake up she was all smiles and cooing. Grandma and Grandpa loved it! Mornings with Ava are the best. She had a bottle and snuggle time and then was back down for a nap.

We had a nice relaxing morning with the gang. Uncle Todd put on a big breakfast which is my favorite. Ava had lots of cousin time, aunt and uncle time, and grandma and grandpa time. She is spoiled rotten people... Just rotten. I had more coffee and kicked my feet up while Ava was being passed around. Then the sun came out and was shining bright for our cottage day. So we got ready and headed down to the beach!

Beach Beauty! Look at my new swim suit... I love the ruffle butt. I had fun hanging out with Grandpa. He sings in my ear.

Playing on my tweeter beach towel. I had fun playing with all of my toys. Look at how well I am filling out!

Emma played with Ava in warm bath water. The lake water was pretty cold for her little bum to get in. Maybe next year.

I had so much fun today... I needed a nap. Nothing better than snuggeling into mom's legs. Out like a light. I love to sleep in the shade. Life is good!

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