Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rob's Birthday

July 5, 2009 is Rob's Birthday... I am not sure what happened to the documentation of his day this year. There is literally not a single picture of Rob on his birthday... All I can say is hummmmmmmmmmmm??? We did celebrate... we did.

This year for Rob's birthday gift he went on a fishing trip and he seemed to have a great time.

He also did get some new clothes from the girls. Tweet-Tweet! He had a good day of sleeping in, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, relaxing, snuggling Ava, lunch served on the couch, more relaxing, we went to the Outback for dinner, my parents came over after dinner to give him his gift of new ECHO work boots, and then we had cake. The only picture taken on his birthday is this one of Ava waking up for her nap??? Next year we will need to do better in the Rob picture department. hahahahha. Poor Daddy.

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