Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Long Lost Blog...

August 17, 2010

It's been nearly a year since I have documented any of our story at Home Sweet Kolkman. I guess I am just plain bad at this... I will keep my excuses to a minimum since none of them matter really. What started out as being something fun for me to do became homework. Life got in the way in a big hurry. I had to get back to work with my maternity leave coming to an end. My free time vanished, normal routines slipped back in to my life, and my darling Ava, began sleeping poorly. All which led to the demise of Home Sweet Kolkman. That's the truth of it in a nut shell.

About a year ago I tried to catch this site back up and failed. At the time I felt a need to catch up on months past before sharing about what was happening then. Then being last summer. Not being able to keep up I just threw my arms in the air and surrendered. I gave up and haven't felt a need to look back until now.

Why now?

My dad past away on May 4, 2010... I can't believe He is the reason I am back here but He is. I've been feeling a little on edge lately having lost a HUGE part of my future and now a HUGE part of my past. I am hoping I will be able to journal out my feelings and find some healing.

Documenting my story... OUR story... is very important to me these days for Ava's sake and for the sake of our future children so here I am. I would love a series of stories to read about my childhood and about my family, especially my dear dad! So that's it... I'm back at it with a purpose! It's time to make memories and preserve them. For a while there may be no rhyme or reason to my postings as I share our current events with our past events. I am thinking that in time I will eventually catch everyone up with what's been happening here over the past year. I hope taking a year off and missing it will keep me better motivated to keep plucking away at sharing our story. A true gift to give to my children when I am old and gray!

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