Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kolkman Family Fun Day

Rob and I hosted his family at our house on Saturday and although it was rainy off and on it turned out to be a really great day for family. It isn't an every day occurrence that we are all in the same neck of the woods so we gratefully took advantage of our schedules coming together for this visit. It's funny how knowing in advance people are coming over to your house can really motivate you to clean the pit you call home. I was on a serious cleaning streak the whole day and night before and not only did I pick-up, dust, sweep, scrub, vacuum, and organize... I set out my fall decorations! My house sincerely thanks everyone for motivating me because it really enjoyed the much needed extra elbow grease. If only one deep cleaning could last forever. Maybe a scheduled family visit every two weeks could keep me diligent as our new cleaning lady and on top of the grim and dust bunnies!

Since I was on cleaning details Rob took over the menu. He is really a good cook and the meal was delicious. He had some appetizers ready for when everyone arrived which included some homemade jalapeno poppers and a dip from Harry & Davids for tortilla chips. He is a real master of the grill so he prepared Filet Mignon, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, and garlic bread as the main coarse. Granny also surprised us with potato salad and I must say that all the potatoes were "potato-licious!" Then for dessert we had pumpkin pie and whip cream thanks to Aunt Dawn. Since this was a meal more for the adult pallet our favorite Little's had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of banana. Not a soul walked away from the table without a full belly which is what I call SUCCESS. Hats off to Rob!

In between the appetizers and main coarse there was a lot of socializing for the eight adults, playing for the two toddlers, and the passing around of our newest member, Evelyn. It's hard to believe that she is nearly nine weeks old, growing like a weed, and cute as a button. It was one busy house and very entertaining to say the least! I really wish that at busy family gatherings like this you could hire a photographer to capture all the fun moments happening both inside and outside. A lot of pictures were being taken but not all on one single camera... You know how it goes. So for the purpose of this post I will just have to settle with the moments I was able to click and save. However, I am hopeful that between everyone taking pictures all the good stuff was documented and that we will have a photo swap in the near future.

Here are our "STARLETS" running the show... Sylvia & Ava! I was relieved some sharing took place, minimal "mine's" were said, and absolutely no hitting occurred during this visit! Hip-Hip-Hooray...

This is one of Evelyn and I... It was nice to finally snuggle her and give her an Aunt "E" kiss or two! Ava was also a big fan of Aunt Ann's "baby-baby-baby" right until I decided to hold her. (Note Ava is not in this picture. She was taken outside to play so I could get my cuddle time in without my Little Miss Jealous!)

I even got enough one on one time with her to rock her to sleep... Ahhhhhhhhh... I've still got it!

This is my favorite picture... Ava and Sylvia sitting at the kids table showing off their "BIG CHEESE'S!"

Here is a group shot of everyone having some pie...

You have to look real close but Ava is showing off her "scary face" to Uncle Keith who she took a serious liking to. Also, as a side note both girls tried out whip cream for the first time thanks to Grandpa Kolkman. The verdict... Sylvia enjoyed her tastes and Ava spit her squirt out! After our delicious dessert the girls played with all of Ava's balls. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

I think it is safe to say that as our families grow (Two of Rob's cousins are currently pregnant.) these visits will only get better and better! Thank you GiGi, Grandpa Kolkman, Uncle Keith, Aunt Dawn, Jason, Ann, Sylvia, and Evelyn for making our Saturday here at Home Sweet Kolkman extra fun. Please come again! But... Yes, there is a BUT... You are required to give me some notice so I can get out my special can of elbow grease!

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  1. Uncle Keith took a serious like to Ava. We can't wait to come see her again next week.
    It was so fun to play with the girls and enjoy all the adults. What fun to get everyone together.
    Much love!
    Aunt D