Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Elise...

Elise, I love and miss you more than I could ever describe. Yesterday we mourned your death and today we celebrate your life!

The candles are lit,
but no happy song to be sung.
No laughter, no glee, from you my little one...

If you only knew the dreams that we had
the plans that we made
for you on this day.
The cake to be baked.
The presents to be wrapped
and all of the fun pink party hats.

The pictures we would have taken
all the moments we wished to capture
as our family and friends filled our home
with birthday wishes for you my dear one.

All of this not meant to be,
since you were taken away from me.
No birthday cake.
No presents to be unwrapped.
No pictures of you in your pink party hat.

No joy in our home
No laughter, no glee, from you my little one
who should still be here with me...

But the candles are lit,
Never to go out.
For they burn in your memory
Forever in our hearts...

Sweet daughter... I will never forget you and what you taught me about being a mother. Because of you I learned what true LOVE is! I treasure all the times we've shared and I look forward to the day I will see you again. I know with all my heart your Grandpa Barron will be holding you in Heaven for me until I get there. I pray you will be ready for the warmest and longest embrace because I will never let go of you once I am home.

Love, Your Momma

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