Monday, November 22, 2010

A hunting he will go...

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm hunting wabbits!"

No Rob's not out hunting rabbits... But he IS out hunting. In fact, he's been hunting hard this season. For his sake (and mine) I hope he shoots something soon and settles his "buck fever!"

For those of you who are not familiar with the sport it begins statewide with bowhunting on October 1st and continues through November 14th. Then you can hunt with a firearm starting on November 15th. Following the firearm season, archery season begins again on December 1st and concludes January 1st. What it means for Rob at Home Sweet Kolkman... Starting in August he begins to talk about hunting. Then in mid to late September he gets his gear ready. He gets his hunting spot and cabin in order. He scouts out deer. He sets out tree stands. He builds a sturdy hunting blind. He gets his licenses bought. He books his out of state hunting trip. He gets EXCITED... because it's finally deer season! What it means for me at Home Sweet Kolkman... I gear up for the long haul. I gear up for lots of girl time with my number one gal pal Ava pie. And... Yes, it is and it has been a LONG season!

A while ago I mentioned in our current events that Rob was leaving Ava and I to go on a hunting trip. Well, he did and even though it's been a few weeks since he went I still wanted to give the man of this house a little press. He went to Minnesota in pursuit of the whitetail buck. Not just any bucks... BIG BUCKS.

Black Hammer, Minnesota

Watch out Big Minnesota Bucks... He's after you!

Rob's trip fell October 28th through November 4th this year. It's my routine to bring Ava to my Mom's house every Thursday for my work shift at the crack of dawn. So we were able to have a send off for Rob before he departed during the early hours that morning. Apparently, it's tough to get any Daddy love at 5:50am!

All of his gear...

I'm happy to report he made it there and back safe and sound. I am happy to report he had a great time with three of his hunting buddies. They all hunted hard. They all played hard. They all saw deer. But they all came home empty handed this year. However, I can report that they all had fun and laughed hard. I'm also pretty sure that they all enjoyed the shenanigans that resulted from putting four guys in a hotel together for a week. There was lots of hooting and hollering in the background when I got my nightly reports at deer camp. Next year boys... next year!

Here's a photo of the 12 point Rob did get on this trip three years ago... NICE!

Since this trip Rob's been hunting during the week in my Dad's old hunting spots at my Mom's house. He's been watching a few deer there consistently, one of which, is a nine point. He has also been to our cabin in Baldwin. There's lots of hunting weekends in his near future so I will keep you posted if he gets one and I'm sure he will. Good luck Rob... & "That's all Folks!"

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