Friday, December 10, 2010

A little Redneck

There are a few things in life you can't do if your basement is finished. Ava has enjoyed going outside every day over the summer and fall months and now that it's cold it's not as much fun. She hasn't gotten the concept that it is crucial to keep your mittens on when it's freezing out. Drama! After ten minutes of playing outside she is ready to come inside. I am here to tell you that getting your toddler all bundled up to go outside is a lot of work for ten minutes of activity. So I have brought all of her outdoor toys to our basement and Rob has hung her swing to the basement ceiling. Ava has enjoyed immensely her outside world coming inside and all of her giggles make it worthwhile. It is a tad bit "REDNECK" but we do live in the country. I can only hope that in time she will learn to keep her mittens on because you can't build a snowman in the basement!

My happy country girl...

Going "weeeeee-weeeee" inside is the best!

Oh Ava... you have a way about you that makes everyone giggle. Your expression is PRICELESS!

So how do you know if your a Redneck? The answer is... You are if your toddler has a swing hanging from the ceiling of your basement! I look forward to sharing Ava's unfinished basement play area when we finish cleaning it up and setting it up. It's been an interesting winter so far here at Home Sweet Kolkman and I can't wait to see what creativity, imagination, and indoor games this winter brings. If you have any fun things you have done with your children during the cold months please feel free to share them with me!

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