Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trim Up the Tree

Last weekend Rob and I were busy around the house getting ready for the holidays. Rob brought up our Christmas Tree from the basement and assembled it for me which was very helpful. I went through all the boxes of holiday decorations and decided what would go where while I did some household cleaning. For the most part, I think Home Sweet Kolkman's holiday decore' looks the same each year except this year some of the fragile pieces I set out on our end tables in years past have been re-located.

It was a bit of a challenge finding places for everything so some of our holiday decorations will remain in the box this year and possibly for a few holiday seasons to come. I'm afraid our end tables will not be designated for safe keeping anytime soon with Ava running around here getting her mitts into everything! In years past I would do a marathon day of cleaning and decorating. I would have the job done within four hours start to finish. This year the decorating became a longer process so I could share some holiday traditions with Ava and make wonderful memories to cherish this season.

 Ava and the tree with just the lights... "Looking good Momma!"

Ava loved looking at all of our ornaments as I unwrapped each one. She had to touch, hold, and kiss each and every one of them. I was surprised she was this intrigued by them because last year she was not interested in our tree in the least bit. I really enjoyed watching her face light up with excitement as I laid them all out on the table in front of her.

"I can't wait to put these pretties on the tree!"

It was getting late in the evening so I decided to put Ava to bed at this point in the night and save the rest of tree decorating with her for the morning. I have learned Ava can expire instantly and I wanted to avoid toddler meltdowns if possible amidst my memory making for 2010.

Ava couldn't wait to get back up to the table and see all of the ornaments in the morning. She was definitely feeling some good holiday cheer.

Home Sweet Kolkman's Tree is Trimmed... It's Beautiful!

Twelve white angel wings represent each month in the year we journey on as a family without Elise here on earth. One set of pink angel wings make a total of thirteen symbolic for the day in the month we lost her. October 13, 2007 marks the day that forever changed our lives. Rest in peace sweet girl!

Here's the story of our tree... I moved out of my parents house just before my 25th birthday into the home I had built after I graduated from nursing school. I was as broke as broke could be and by the time Christmas rolled around I didn't think I would have enough money to get a tree. So Rob gave me an old tree of his families that he had been storing for several years along with the lights and a handful of decorations. I believe Rob has moved this tree and all of it's accessories and stored it at least three different times in his life.

Apparently, somewhere along the way the middle section of the tree didn't make one of the moves. So instead of it being a nine foot tree it's more of a six foot tree with a bit of masking tape holding the two sections together. This is an old dolly of a tree for sure and I was never so thankful to have it my first Christmas out on my own. Thanks again Rob for giving it to me that year! It's hard to believe that this tree has been a part of my Christmas for the past eight years. I must admit that we dread getting the lights out of the box and stringing them on the tree. We have sworn for the past four years that we are buying a new tree that is pre-lit. But without fail we continue to use this family gem! Maybe next year is the year for a new tree... only time will tell!

...and it begins with little Miss Busy Fingers.

"Martha" thinks Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse need to be on the floor instead of the tree where I put them!

It's been a fun week of redirecting my toddler away from the tree. Currently the score is Ava:1 and Tree:0. She has a hard time leaving my Crate and Barrel red bulbs alone and finally broke one on Tuesday morning. I wish I had taken a picture of her caught red handed with the broken bulb but I removed her from the glass safely before thinking about capturing it on film. Sorry, the next time she breaks an ornament I will get the camera first. I'm afraid our tree doesn't stand a chance! I have lost count of how many times I've said, "Ava, look with your eyes not your hands!"

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