Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caramel Popcorn

I love homemade caramel popcorn corn. Who doesn't? My grandma used to make this delicious treat for me when I was a kid. I have been thinking a lot about my grandma over the holidays, who I miss so much, and decided to whip up my first batch ever. It turned out great so I decided to post it. This is not my grandma's recipe... It is much easier than her version. ("Sorry Gram, you went to so much work making this delicious snack for me. In honor of you I will put myself through all of trouble that your version contains... Someday." I have a feeling that I will be making this snack many more times in my life for the one's I love. I brought a double batch up north for our last cabin weekend and it was devoured in just three days!

Caramel Popcorn

1 c brown sugar
1 stick of butter
1/4c karol syrup
1tsp baking soda
1tsp salt
1/2 of a paper grocery bag or 5 bags of microwave popcorn

Bring the first three ingredients to a rolling boil while stirring for 4 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the soda and salt. Pour over the popcorn and shake. Open the bag and stir it up a little more with a wooden spoon before the caramel sets. Pour it into a bowl and enjoy..

I used Homestyle Pop Secret popcorn and it turned out delicious! Excellent if eaten while it's still warm. It stores great in Ziploc Gallon Bags. It's the perfect winter treat!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cabin Getaway Take 2!

I hate to bore you with more of our cabin fun... But we  just had a wonderful weekend there with friends and I feel like sharing it with you even though I wrote about our cabin in my last entry. Sorry. Hang in there and stick this topic out with me. I promise it will be the last cabin entry I write for a while. Pinky swear.

We spent the weekend with the Arnoldink family again and it was truly a wonderful weekend despite the cold temperatures. We left Thursday night after everyone was out of work to enjoy a long weekend away from life's business. We had great ideas of taking the girls on sled rides powered by Big Red but the negative temperatures kept that from being a reality. The truth of it is we stayed inside the whole weekend! Well the girls did anyways. The boys went ice fishing both Friday and Saturday to Lake Mitchell and to Cadillac. They had fun, managed to stay warm in their shanty, and caught a few. The ladies enjoyed keeping warm by the fire even though the girls constantly reminded us it was "dangerous." I wonder where they heard that word?

We ate like royalty all weekend from roast & potatoes, homemade ham & potato soup, salads, homemade Carmel popcorn, homemade chocolate chip cookies, no-bakes, eggs & bacon, pancakes, homemade bread, and more!!! I am going to refrain from stepping on the the scale for a few days!!! In between putting logs on the fire and eating we enjoyed reading, napping, pedicures, manicures, playing babies, crafting, watching movies, and building with Lego's! What about this weekend is not to LOVE? I also came super close to finishing the book that's been on my nightstand for months. Thanks to great friends and a long weekend this past cabin stay was a success even though I ended up coming home sick.

Kris & the girls...

The little girls having a pedicure!

Ava enjoying her time at the "spa"...

Kris has been wanting to paint Ava's nails since birth... She finally got her chance...

The Adults: "Oh Ava, your sooooo pretty!"
Ava: "Mirror. Mirror. Please."

Ava clowning it up at the craft table!

Hours of making crafts... Kaylie wanted to save ALL of the art... Lucky us!

Ava napping with all of her favorites... We might need a bigger bed!
Bear, Baby Corelle, Stella, Barney, Hoots, Ava, Peepers, Kaylie's Bitty Baby, & Krissy Baby!"

I never knew how entertaining Lego's could be...

The Cabin became Lego Land!

Last but not least... We even saw a little doe.

I am truly thankful for a wonderful weekend away from my normal routine... There is nothing more relaxing than time spent with great friends with an agenda designed for pure relaxation. Now if I could just get rid of my sore throat, cough, head ache, ear ache, and body aches life would be great! I am also praying no one else ends up with this nasy bug. It's not a lot of fun and has rendered me in bed this Monday on a sick day. Here's hoping all of today's rest finds me in good health tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cabin Getaway

Rob and I have a little spot up north that we call, "The Cabin." It's a nice little spot on 11 acres of woods in Baldwin, Michigan. Our home way from home. Rob does the majority of his hunting out of the Cabin and he hosts several friends and family members who hunt during the months of September through December. But once the hunting season is over we spend some of our weekends up there as a family. There is something very relaxing about being in our cozy Cabin with nothing to do on the agenda but enjoy some relaxation and family fun.

We couldn't wait to get up to the Cabin pre-holidays. We decided the weekend of December 10, 2010 was going to be a mini get away to spend with our friends, the Arnoldinks. We packed down the car and headed up north for the weekend. Everyone had a blast and there will definitely be more family fun weekends in our future. Here are some pictures taken from our weekend of fun! 

"The Cabin"

I love the stone chimney...

Pretty Winter Views...

More Cabin Scenery...

Rob was in his glory pulling us behind "Big Red."

Ava & I... She loved sledding and had lots of great commentary.
"Go Wee, Wee-Wee, Fast, Bumpy, Whoa, & lots of giggles!" 

Rob taught Ava how to pack a good snowball!

Kris playing with her girls, Kaylie & Emmie...

Emmie & Kaylie loving all the fresh air out on the trails...

Ava, Emmie & I... (You have to love getting bunny ears from a 3 year old!)

The Cabin is full of inspiration...
 The girls were busy crafting all weekend... Lots of Masterpieces!

Ava loves to be "Big" with the Big Girls!

Kris and Emmie making snow angels...

Remembering Elise... We love and miss you sweet girl!

The best of buddies... Kaylie, Emmie, & Ava!

What a great weekend spent with great friends... Relaxing, Cooking Awesome Eats, Good Movies, Enjoyed Reading, Making Crafts, Sledding, and lots of Outdoor Fun. We can't wait to do it again!