Monday, January 17, 2011

Cabin Getaway

Rob and I have a little spot up north that we call, "The Cabin." It's a nice little spot on 11 acres of woods in Baldwin, Michigan. Our home way from home. Rob does the majority of his hunting out of the Cabin and he hosts several friends and family members who hunt during the months of September through December. But once the hunting season is over we spend some of our weekends up there as a family. There is something very relaxing about being in our cozy Cabin with nothing to do on the agenda but enjoy some relaxation and family fun.

We couldn't wait to get up to the Cabin pre-holidays. We decided the weekend of December 10, 2010 was going to be a mini get away to spend with our friends, the Arnoldinks. We packed down the car and headed up north for the weekend. Everyone had a blast and there will definitely be more family fun weekends in our future. Here are some pictures taken from our weekend of fun! 

"The Cabin"

I love the stone chimney...

Pretty Winter Views...

More Cabin Scenery...

Rob was in his glory pulling us behind "Big Red."

Ava & I... She loved sledding and had lots of great commentary.
"Go Wee, Wee-Wee, Fast, Bumpy, Whoa, & lots of giggles!" 

Rob taught Ava how to pack a good snowball!

Kris playing with her girls, Kaylie & Emmie...

Emmie & Kaylie loving all the fresh air out on the trails...

Ava, Emmie & I... (You have to love getting bunny ears from a 3 year old!)

The Cabin is full of inspiration...
 The girls were busy crafting all weekend... Lots of Masterpieces!

Ava loves to be "Big" with the Big Girls!

Kris and Emmie making snow angels...

Remembering Elise... We love and miss you sweet girl!

The best of buddies... Kaylie, Emmie, & Ava!

What a great weekend spent with great friends... Relaxing, Cooking Awesome Eats, Good Movies, Enjoyed Reading, Making Crafts, Sledding, and lots of Outdoor Fun. We can't wait to do it again!

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