Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandpa Kolkman

Grandpa's are a special breed
They love you and hug you,
And spoil you to death.
And then, they send you home!

I am really happy to have this photo because we have very few photos of Grandpa Kolkman and Ava together. He lives in Switzerland so the opportunities for picture taking are few and far between. Today at GiGi's, Aunt Dawn captured a super sweet Grandpa moment... Grandpa loving up on two of his grand-girls. Ava's not one for sharing anything in her life from toys to people so I am even more happy she is sharing Grandpa's lap nicely with little Evelyn.

It's been a really enjoyable weekend spending time with Grandpa, who as of this weekend Ava very ultra casually refers to as Pa-Pa, and the rest of the Kolkman Family. We had a dinner date with Grandpa on Friday night where he brought Ava an extremely beautiful handcrafted music box.

Ava's Rodi Holzwaren Music Box

I wish I had some pictures of Ava unwrapping her gift because her face was very animated and I am pretty sure I even heard her say, "Oh Boy!" Surprise presents are always delightful. When she opened her music box the very first question she asked "Pa-Pa" was if it had candy in it! I have a feeling that as she grows into this gift she will be ever so thankful that Grandpa will most likely help to fill it with pretty jewelry instead of chocolate and suckers!

The music box plays the song 4 Seasons (Spring). It is a beautiful classic tune from the Sound of Music. Ava and I enjoyed listening to this classic and it was nice to enjoy a bit of culture at Mr. Burger while we waited for our meal and snacked on some pretzels. Apparently, it really bothered Ava that her box was empty so she placed a piece of her pretzel inside for safe keeping. Yes, this fancy box comes with a lock and key. I look forward to seeing what special "pieces" she keeps safely in her music box! Only you my Ava Elise Kolkman... Just like your fancy gift you are one of a kind! Thanks again Grandpa.

Sunday we enjoy a family gathering at GiGi's house. We ate a delicious meal that included a homemade apple pie from Aunt Dawn, a highlight for everyone. It was nice getting together and having the little girls visit. Ava enjoys her baby cousin, Evelyn, (as long as she's not in my lap) and wanted nothing more than to hold her. For Evelyn's sake we had to re-direct that want but she was able sneak an Evelyn snuggle with the help of Aunt Dawn. Sylvia was a little under the weather but the two of them enjoyed a game of hide-and-seek before everyone had to go home. Ava was her typical entertaining self and showed off her silly side.

Ava playing a sneaky game of "dizzy-dizzy" while chanting, "Don't Tell... Trouble!"

Thanks, GiGi for opening up your home and providing us with a tasty lunch. Thanks everyone (GiGi, Grandpa, Uncle Key, Aunt Dee, Uncle Jason, Aunt Ann, Sylvia, and Evelyn) for a fun visit. We already look forward to next time.

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