Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hairstyle Change... or NOT

Every now and again I daydream about cutting my hair shorter. Back when I was in my early 20's I had a short pixie haircut that I did sport for about a year before I ended up growing it back out. If you have ever had extremely short hair and have grown it back out like I have... you have known many awkward hair stages. During my growing out phase I swore up and down I would never have a short hair style again until I was ready to commit to it for the rest of my life. Beyond this solemn promise to myself... Rob didn't really like my hair short and doesn't care for short hair on women in general. If he had his way my hair would be down the middle of my back just like I wore it when I was nineteen and we were newly dating! For the past year I have stashed a magazine clipping of a super cute short hair style in my calendar just in case I change my mind and get the nerve at one of my hair appointments. I talked about this potential hair cut with my hair stylist and she seems to think I should just go for it because I've been thinking about it for so long. Here are a few famous celebrities that I have short hair envy of...

Carey Mulligan

Meg Ryan

Victoria Beckham

Sarah Harding

Michelle Williams

Ginnifer Goodwin

This clip is off of a short hair site and I have no idea who she is...

I have a little time before my next hair appointment to decide if I am really ready to change my current look. I also should mention, just for the sake of mentioning it... I am happy with my current short angled bob that is very much insired by the georgeous Jenny McCarthty. But sometimes it just feels like the same ole' same old cut...

Sometimes following hair trends and celebrities constant changing looks makes me want to go for the gusto and try something new. The only problem is I am probably not ready to commit to short hair forever and the idea of cutting it now and growing in back out later is holding me back. The awkward hair stages from my 20's really must have tramtized me. Also... Why change what works? I think you really have to be flawless to pull off a short hair style and I'm not sure I am going to be able to be on point each day with a toddler running my life. BUT... if I could pull it off and maintain my soft feminine side it could really be a striking statement for 20011! I just don't know if I have the guts or if it's the right time to part ways with my hairdryer. Any thoughts??? 

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  1. You know I vot Carey Mulligan all the way my next choice is Ginnifer Goodwin. You would look super hot BOO.