Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!

There is just something special about celebrating your 5th wedding anniversary. I have to admit that I have been thinking about my marriage and Rob and all the moments that got us to our wedding day and all the moments we have shared since we promised each other forever. I am feeling lucky to have truly married "the one" I want to share my life with, raise my family with, and grow old with. Which is good because we are stuck with each other! I love this photo of us on our wedding day... taken moments after seeing each other it's filled with so much emotion. We look so young and unaware of what we are actually about to promise each other. I'm glad to have shared this moment with Rob on our wedding day. It's a moment in time I hope to never forget.

I hate to be the super corny wife who gushes about her love life and how blessed she is because in general that's not what I'm all about. I'm not one to boast or a flaunt what I have good in my life. I am just taking a moment to reflect on a pretty important part of my life, my husband, Rob. I wrote this for him really so beware. It's me gushing a little over my love for him and the love we share. So if you are not up to read a love post skip this one and know I will NOT be offended. I just wanted to simply give thanks for the blessings I have received from having him in my life. I thank God for each day we are given together.We are a true testimony that opposites do attract and can complement each other very well. I am sincerely thankful to have Rob in my life... today, tomorrow, and until death do we part. However long that may be.

I love the song, "Remember When" by Alan Jackson. It's such a beautiful story he wrote for his wife. When I hear it I think of my own "Remember When's" that Rob and I have shared. The song we have danced to week to week. It's such a touching love song and it takes me back to simpler times. I would love to spend a week with each other again at the ages of 19, 22, or 27... To go back to such a care free time and whoop it up again. The eight years we spent dating was a little bit of a learning curve. It took us a while to figure out what was really important and how to make us work while we were growing into who we are today. The point is we did and it was a heck of a ride and good time along the way. I have so many wonderful memories of the good times we've shared!

For having only five years of marriage under our belts we have been through it all it seems. As cliche' as it is to describe life like a roller coaster... it seems to have been just like one for us so far. We have weathered double mortgage payments, taking the plunge into parenthood, loosing Elise, grief at it's ugliest moments, a high risk pregnancy, the birth of our second daughter, Ava, parenting, the death of my father, and slow work periods for Rob. Yet through it all our love has remained strong. In fact, it's stronger now than it ever was in the beginning. I guess we are like fine wine and I look forward to getting even better together with age. How's that for cliche'?

As much as I wanted to take a trip to sunny Mexico to celebrate number 5 there's always number 6, right? I did enjoy all of the dates we shared over our anniversary weekend. I loved seeing the humor in giving each other spray cans as gifts (inside humor). Who would have known year 5 is aerosol! I love the way you make me laugh. I love sitting shot-gun in your truck and holding hands with you no matter where we go. Promise me you will always hold my hand. Promise me we will always celebrate this day no matter how big or how small our budget is. Promise me we will always laugh at each other. Promise me we will always take good care of each other so we can grow old together.

Rob... thanks for being who you are. You are the most loving, patient, hard working, loyal, honest, giving, funny, respectful, and kind spirited man I know. You are an AMAZING husband and father. When life is hard I want you in my corner. When life is easy I want you in my corner. When life is anything and everything in between... I want you in my corner. We are more than a married couple. We are friends and I am just so glad you are mine to dance with week to week!

Cheers Rob! I'm hoping we will celebrate many more happy years together... I love you with all of my heart! I am yours faithfully... now and forever. Let the good times roll... the best is yet to be!!! Amen.

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