Saturday, July 30, 2011

Freezer Jam

Last month Rob and I did a marathon day of freezer jam. My nephew, Jack, happened to be over during this process and he was so impressed he told Rob and I we should open a jelly factory! Now there is an idea. Probably not likely but we sure did have our system down pat.

I have been making freezer jam for the past 5 summers! I have done it solo, with a girlfriend, and now with Rob. By far Rob has been my favorite jelly making co-helper! He brought home 34 quarts of strawberries this year. We spent five hours in the kitchen and went through six 5lb bags of sugar! I am guessing he will never bring home that many strawberries again for jelly. But... I am hoping he will bring some home and will still help me next summer. 

The Sticky Mess in full Swing!

Finished product... A labor of LOVE!!!

Ava LOVES our jelly and is a bit of a jelly snob because she will eat nothing but home made jelly! Who can blame her really? It is after-all that darn good! We were able to give some of this away to friends and family due to the surplus of sticky goodness which is always fun to do. I grew up on home made jelly and I love that Ava is too!

I found Ava entertaining herself while Rob and I were in the thick of this project.

(Hat, Scarf, Dress, and garden gloves... An interesting combo Ava!)

strawberries (crushed)
I follow them to a tee right off this package!
Rob and I used our blender to puree the strawberries after we washed and removed the stems. We measured two cups of berries and then added four cups sugar and stirred. Then we boiled 3/4c of water with one package of sure-jell. You add this sure-jell to the sugar and stir in with the berry/sugar mix. Then pour into containers that are freezer safe and allow for it to set up. Eat and Enjoy!!!

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