Sunday, July 24, 2011

July Vacation 2011

Rob, Ava, and I had the week of July 4th off which is unusual so we took full advantage of this time off. We went to our cabin in Baldwin, Cherry Festival in Travers City, and to a cottage at Nichols Lake.

We had our friends the Huyser's with us along with my brother, Mark, and Rob's friends Grant and John. A mish-mash of people but a great crew all the same. The boys got a lot of work done while they were there for the week. The cabin was power washed, the deck and decorative fence were power washed, lawn cut, drain tiles placed, and the cabin (under the vinyl siding) was painted along with the porch. It looks like a million bucks!

Here is my favorite picture of Ava at the cabin holding Ladder Balls.

In between all of the work we had lots of good eats, bomb fires, smores, golf cart rides, kiddy pool time, kid movies, I read and tried out two new breakfast recipes. We went to a friends cottage on Big Star Lake and took the kids swimming, on boat rides, and tubing. Ava had a blast and yes she did have a tube ride! She did great and was such a big girl!

On Rob's Birthday, July 5th, we headed into Travers City for Cherry Festival. It was about 100 degrees in the shade but the Huyser's and Kolkman's managed to make the best of it! We wondered around all the food booths and took the kids on a few rides. Ava road her first Ferris Wheel and went on the carousel. Two rides and fourteen dollars later we didn't stay there long. We wondered the main street and went into a hanful to shops. I did a little wine tasting and bought a few cherry goods. I love chocolate covered cherries! Minus the heat it was a fun trip. We are thinking about heading there in the fall for an adult weekend and doing all the touristy stuff with friends.

On Wednesday July 6, Ava and I headed to Nichols Lake to spend some time with my family and Rob stayed at the cabin to finish all of his cabin projects. The next time I am there I will take a picture of the new paint job and all of his hard work!

Ava and I had a great time at the cottage with my mom, Christina, Jack, and Emma. It was the perfect cottage week and lots of fun was had by all! Here are a few pictures of our fun times.

Nichols Lake Log Cabin

Ava Splashing..

Ava Swimming...

Ava and Momma!

Me being a kid with Emma and her cousin, Nicholas on the water trampoline!

Ava taking great care of her Grandma. Gram is a good sport!

Jack reading to Ava

Ava and the wood duck she fell in love with and took home with her!
(She has expensive taste... this duck is #581 out of 2,900 from the Loon Lake Decoy Co.)

Ava and Emma...

I told them to make a funny face and this is what they gave me...

Ava trying to copy her cousin...

Two Goof-Balls!

Aunt-E. & Jack... He promises to NEVER outgrow me!

Aunt Nina, Jack, and Emma...

Christina and me...

Grandma and Emma...

It was a great week full of everything that makes summer... SUMMER! Fun times with family is all that it's about. 

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