Friday, July 29, 2011

A night with the Lynema's

Aunt Dawn and Uncle Keith became Grandparents in January and asked Rob if he could make them a custom gate for their staircase similar to the gate my dad made for us. Of coarse, Rob said he would. He finished the gate this summer to keep their grand-kids safe now that they are reaching the rolling stage. So we set up a Sunday date and had lovely visit, a gate insulation, and pizza. Thanks for having us over Aunt Dee and Uncle Key!

Here is Rob's Gate... It looks GREAT!

 It's no secret that Ava loves her Uncle Keith whom she calls Uncle Key. They really do share a special connection which is truly warming to see in person. The first thing Ava said as she entered their home is, "Where's Uncle Key?" There is something about Uncle Keith that reminds me of my own father which is probably why Ava loves him so. They played together, snuggled each other, and made piano music together!

Here is a great picture of them!

Ava also met Cohan & Cohan met Ava!

I am pretty sure they liked each other!

The Music Man & Little Lady!

Ava was so happy to sing with Uncle Keith!

A little concert... Love the high-5 at the end!


Ava also spent some time re-arranging Aunt Dawn's Kitchen Decor. 

Thanks for being so laid back Aunt Dee!
You can see Ava kissing one of her Glass Cats.

I missed several moments of Ava trying her best to make Aunt Dawn's real cat, Carly Sue, a fan of hers. All in all the poor cat had no choice because Ava stalked her around the condo! She really loves this cat. Next time I will try to get them together on film. There was only one tiny incident where Carly Sue had enough of Ava and pawed at her hand asking Ava to give her some breathing room. Ava was so upset that Carly Sue "bit" her big finger (her thumb). Ava eventually realized that she was in Carly's space and Carly needed some more space so she said excuse me Ava with her paw. Ava said she was sorry for getting to close to Carly. A good lesson learned between toddler and feline. Here's hoping Carly Sue will come out of hiding when she sees Ava again! I am pretty sure Ava still thinks they are wonderful pals.

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