Sunday, July 24, 2011

Splash Pad Fun

My Best Friend Kris and I decided to take our girls to the splash pad in Allendale on a recent Saturday afternoon. We always have so much fun together and I love that our girls are growing up together. Emmie is the same age that Elise would be. If she were still here I can only imagine the fun they would be having and the trouble they would find. In her abscess, I am ever so thankful that Ava looks up to Emmie and Emmie takes such great care of Ava. Elise must look down on them from Heaven and smile, joyfully!

Ava following Emmie on the splash pad...

I love this picture of them standing side by side... pals!

Emmerson Reese... (Elise would be so grown up!)

Ava being Ava!

Leave it to Ava to play in the mud...

After our play date we went to Family Fare and Ava crashed!
(I couldn't resist this picture of her zonked out in the cart.)

I'm looking forward to many for fun times spent with Ava, Kris, and Emmie. Watching them grow up together is a joy. Like Sisters til' the end!!!

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