Sunday, August 14, 2011

Christmas 2010

This post will be an oldie but a goodie. I wasn't going to post anything on our Christmas season but then decided that just because our overall Christmas day was not the greatest this year our Christmas morning with Ava was the greatest and definitely worth sharing. Rob and I were obviously more excited than she was for this magical morning filled with holiday spirit. We wondered what Ava's expressions would be as she discovered Santa Claus had came and left presents! What a priceless morning with her.  We heard lots of "WOW's" and "Oh, Boys!" Here's hoping that our family traditions will create memories that will last and last.

Christmas Morning 2010

The Stockings were hung with care...

Ava checking out the gifts with wonder...

Oh BOY!!!

Rob shows Ava her stocking...

The opening begins... Who knew socks would be this exciting!

Brownie Hoots came into our lives... Ava loves this owl.
She also received a matching owl necklace and bracelet from me which is so beautiful on her!

 A gift from Daddy Bear...

Looks like a bird feeder to me!

The biggest gift goes to Ava from Santa!

Wow... Santa brought me a cool table and chair set.

 Ava tried the chairs out a bit early.

 Rob hard at work with his little helper!

Ta-Dah... Thanks Santa!!!

A trip to visit Elise's resting place. Elise, we love and miss you so much on special days like today. Here's hoping your celebration in Heaven for the birth of Christ is AMAZING!

Merry Christmas Elise!

Merry Christmas Grandpa Barron!

Christmas isn't Christmas without a visit from your Grandma. Ava's so lucky to have a good one!

We spent the rest of the day snuggled in at Home Sweet Kolkman with my mom and my brothers. Just a day of movie watching, eating, and relaxing. Noting overly exciting but all in all we made it through this day as a family. My dad and Elise would be so proud of us I think.

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