Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Christmas Parties 2010

We had family Christmas at my moms this year the day after Christmas. This is the day that we "the kids" are spoiled rotten and the grand kids are spoiled beyond rotten. My Dad lived for this day each year and he would sit back with his camera and take it all in with a grin on his face throwing out a few "Oh, Boys!" In his memory we said a prayer and light a candle for him and one for Elise. The holiday season will never be the same without him in it. I can only hope that he is with Elise and that they check in on us from time to time and see that while me move forward they are never forgotten.

Christmas at the Barrons...

Ava and I by the Tree filled with lots of Gifts!

Jack and Emma...

Ava & her kitchen from my mom...

Jack in love with his Harry Potter Lego Set.

Emma in love with her Easy Bake Oven.

Jack made Ava a Penguin Pillow at school... He was so proud of it and excited to give it to her!

In effort to cheer my mom up this season I decided to get her a gag gift which is something we don't usually do. But when I laid eyes on this beauty of an owl necklace I knew she had to have it even if it was only for a giggle. My Grandma Rietsma (my mom's mom...) wore an owl necklace from my grandpa that had a three tiered body and her birthstone for eyes, Citron. It was kind of creepy in a quirky grandma sort of way. Now when I see owls I am reminded of my Grandma with great fondness. They have a funny way of showing up when I least expect them and they make me smile and they definitely warm my heart! I love and miss you Grandma Rietsma. I know you are shaking your head at me a little but I hope you also see the humor in this too! I know my mom did. HEHEHEHEHE!!!
Grandma getting a "GAG" out of her gift!

 What a "HOOT!"

This season we also hosted Rob's family at our home the Wednesday after Christmas. We had a a great visit with everyone and especially enjoyed all of the family from out of town and out of state. Rob cooked a delicious prime rib dinner and not a soul left the table hungry! Aunt Dawn also brought a pumpkin pie from the dutch bakery. YUM!

I didn't do a great job taking pictures but here is one of the family hanging out while the girls play.

The best picture is of Great Grandma with Sylvia, Evelyn, and Ava!
Here's to many more holidays spent with the ones who love us the most... FAMILY!

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