Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fun in the Life of Ava

It's no secret that Rob and I love our Ava Elise. She is such a delight and someone we are so thankful to have in our lives. Each day with her is an adventure filled with more ups than downs. She is really coming in to her own these days and we find ourselves shaking our heads at her in wonder. Her personality is really starting to shine as she turns into a little girl. We have so much fun watching her grow, learn, play, and discover. Through the loss of Elise, we are reminded each day that Ava's life is truly a gift and one we never take for-granted. What a joy to live life through our daughter's eyes! Here are a few pictures and videos of Ava loving life and spending time with Rob and I!

She loves to Swing!
(Yes, she is taking her jump-rope for a "we-wee" ride!)

I have to laugh at this because you can read her lips, "CHEESE!"

Speaking of her Jump-Rope... This is a new love of hers!

Here is a clip of her jumping away with her own style...


Ava is a huge fan of reading and going to the Library. She calls the lady who works there Grandma Library. Thankfully, this lady is a Grandma or she would probably not appreciate the label! Grandma Library is really great with Ava and she has a good sense of humor when Ava come behind the check-out counter with her books. Which is good because Ava loves lending Grandma a helping hand.

 Here is a clip of her reading, Tumford The Terrible by Nancy Tillman, a new favorite!

Ava loves to draw, color, and paint.

Love the "cheese" face!

Ava & Rob's Masterpieces!

Ava loves to sing and dance...
This is her singing and dancing to a song called Joke-A-Lot!

Ava and I play a game called Dizzy-Dizzy!
We spin around in circles while she sings, "You Are My Sunshine."


Rob started a little game with Ava called, "Pee-Que."
More or less it's throwing her in the air and she kicks her legs and giggles. She loves playing this game with her daddy-bear!


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did... Here is a poem I found recently and it fits Ava toddler moments perfectly. Cheers to sharing many more moments of exploration with our sweet girl!

Toddler Poem

Two little eyes
Discovering what's new
Two little hands
Touching everything in view
A sweet little voice
Asking you why
A mischievous smile
And a whimpering cry
Two little feet
Jumping on the floor
A toddler's mission
     is to explore!

           author: unknown           

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