Friday, August 5, 2011

Garden Time

Just as I promised... Here is a post on Rob and Ava spending time together in their garden. I am so thankful that this is something Rob is teaching her. There is so much about the outdoors that she can learn from him! Ava is so lucky to have him because he is a great teacher and a pretty fabulous father I must say. He is creating memories with her that will last a lifetime!

It is my hope that she will be able to embrace this entire world and that includes DIRT. Yes, I said dirt. This is something I could also try and embrace! I am not a huge fan of getting dirty but I sure do love that Rob is teaching our daughter to embrace it and enjoy a few activities in life that include it. Learning early on that people are washable and that we have play clothes for a reason should encourage her to be comfortable exploring the great outdoors.

I want her to be curious and amazed about the world around her and not afraid or too girly. I love girly, don't get me wrong, but it has its own time and place. I once read that children aren’t inherently afraid of things that crawl and creep. They learn that these things are bad or scary or icky from adults. Passing on an aversion to something because of how it looks teaches them to judge creatures by their outside appearance. I am hoping to teach her to look beyond outer appearances and more on inner beauty and how these creepy crawlies play a role in our ecosystem. Worms, caterpillars, grubs, insects, spiders and all sorts of wondrous creatures are out in the garden to learn about which is where Rob comes in.

We are reading a book right now called "Worms Eat Our Garbage." It's about all sorts of creepy critters!  It's a cute read and is worth checking out if you are not already familiar.

Ava is a bit of a challenge in the food department. She is very beige and is not willing to try a lot of new foods. We continue to set a good example for her and challenge her to try new things. However, she is a strong-willed child so it continues to be a slow process. I am hoping that as she learns she is helping to grow the fruits and veggies in the garden she will be willing to consume more of them. It's great that Rob includes her in the harvest of the garden even though she sometimes picks items that are not fully ripe. We also have been letting her bring her harvest to grandma's to share with her. She sure does take great pride in showing off what she helped to water, grow, and pick.

I am hoping she embraces Rob's love of nature and will develop a good regard and concern for the environment. I hope she will become a good steward of the land and its resources. I also realize that she is only two but I believe it will teach her to be responsible and will also foster her sense of nurturing and caring for other living things.

Impressive corn & Impressive Smiles!

Rob & Ava picking beans...


Helping Daddy...

What a pair of Gardeners!

Corn is looking good...

I can vouch it's also tasting good!

Rob and Ava...

Ava saying, "CHEESE GARDEN!"

Yummy... Hard work does pay off!!!

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