Friday, August 19, 2011

John Ball Park Zoo

We gave Ava the heads up the night before we took her to the zoo that we were going. She was so excited before bed that she could barely settle into sleep. At 7:30am she barged into our room yelling, "I'm ready to go to the ZOO!" I think that will be the last time we give her any notice. Rob and I have been to John Ball Park Zoo and are well aware it isn't worth all of that excitement in the early morning hours. But... Ava's enthusiasm for going really made us excited to take her!

We arrived to the zoo at 10am and were surprised at how many people in Grand Rapids had the same idea on a Thursday morning. It was busy and the temperature was rising. We paid our admittance fee and headed in. The first exhibit happened to be of alligators. This is some what funny because for the past month Ava's imagination has ran away with her and she is convinced one is living behind her bedroom curtain with a snake. She stared at them with awe and one was really kind of big. This is sure to fuel her bedtime fears.

Next up were the Loons... a bit more PG.

I love the Penguins...

Rob showed Ava some Trout. She called to them, "Here Fishy Fishy."

Rob and I fed the Sting Rays while Ava watched nervously...

We looked at the Black Bears while Ava, "Rawwwed" at the glass.

Ava like the Pink Flamingos.

Two Kolkman's on a mission... Hand in Hand... Typical!

Rob took her to pet some goats. They were gentle as house cats and she was still a little scared to touch them.

Thankfully, she did work up her nerves and pet one.

She loved playing the drums... "Bang-Bang-Bang!"

I took her into the Bird Hut.

She had a fun time feeding the Tweets and so did I!

All in all it was a great trip seeing the animals at the zoo. She was pretty good for the most part and we will take her again next season. She was pretty funny about all of the smells at the zoo. She hollered out in the reptile house, "It's terrible smelly in my nose!" It was pretty bad and the frog hut wasn't much better. She loved watching the pigs and laughed at this rooster who was busy "cock-a-doodle-doing!" She did wonder where the giraffes, elephants, and zebras were. Maybe someday we will take her to Chicago to see some bigger exhibits. But for someone who is only two she had a ball at John Ball Zoo. She finished off two rice crispy treats while we were there with lots of water. Then at bed time told God she was most thankful for going to the zoo. That is a successful trip!

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