Monday, August 15, 2011

Playground Fun

Ava loves hanging out with her cousins Jack and Emma. They spoil her rotten and play, play, play with her! I took Ava recently to hang out with her Uncle Todd and Jack at my old childhood stopping ground, Cummings Elementary. We had so much fun. I love how good Jack is with Ava Elise. He is so protective of her and he can make her laugh like no one else can. Ava, on the other hand, is always trying to show off around him and acts like she is two going on ten! I am so happy that there is a definite love between the two of them. Watching them play together reminds me a lot of my brother and I growing up. Todd is about six years older than I am and we have always been close which is something I am thankful for. We remind each other daily that we are stuck with each other forever or as we like to say, 4ebs! I am hopeful that Ava and Jack will be 4ebs too!

Monkeying Around!

Jack helping Ava on this wobbling bridge.

Ava and I on the tire swing.

Jack and Ava on the tire swing.

Ava Elise... Big Stuff!

Todd's King of the Hill!

A swing set race!

Jack and Ava on the slide... Weeeeeeeee!

Thanks Uncle Todd and Jack for so much Playground Fun!

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