Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day Extravaganza

This was the card Ava made for Rob & I at daycare... very well done!

Generally, Valentine's Day is really just another day here at Home Sweet Kolkman. Yes, there is the usual exchanging of cards and maybe some sweets and takeout for dinner. BUT... this year it was a real EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Here is a cute ballerina pose of my Valentine Ava Elise...

Ava and I began getting ready for this day by creating heart shaped crayons out of her old crayons which was an idea we found on Pinterest. It is a pretty easy process and they turned out great.

Here are our cut up crayons in the heart tray.

Then I melted them in the oven at 275 Degrees for 15 minutes.

Then they cooled and we took them out of the mold.
The tops were shiny and the bottoms looked marbled!

Then Ava prepared her "DORA" Valentine's Day cards.

We put two heart crayons and candy inside little takeout boxes.

Then we attached her DORA card's for her special delivery to daycare since we spent the day home together. She was very animated in her delivery and I wish I had my camera to catch her in action. She was so affectionate with her teacher that it made my heart melt... She loves Ms. Chris!

We also made Neapolitan Cupcakes for all of the teacher's at AppleTree. They had brownie on the bottom, strawberry cake in the middle, and cream cheese frosting on top!

Since Ava was busy making Valentine's for all of her family and friends this year and really expressing her love of others... Rob and I decided to go overboard and spoil her rotten with all our love and affection. I picked out a new stuffed ballerina frog for her which looks exactly like her lovey Lily Mae. She named her new frog Charlotte and she is a new favorite in her stuffed animal collection! Rob picked out a new Tervis Princess cup for her which has Disney characters Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty on it. We recently became Disney Club members and our first seven movies arrived the day before Valentine's Day. So we let her open them as gifts to sweeten the day even more.

Here is Ava and her Valentine's Day gifts. She was a very happy camper!

Ava also was spoiled by Aunt Dee & Uncle Kee. They sent her a very special Valentine's Day gift in the mail. She was soooo excited to open her box from Dee & Kee.

Rob treated me on Valentine's Day as well. He bought me a Keurig which is a huge HIT!

Then he bought me a drawer to store all of my coffee, hot chocolate, and cider treats!

A week before Valentine's Day we treated Rob to new waterproof boots!

Valentine's Day this year was quite something! Very lavish and we all feel very LOVED!!! Since I had to work the evening of the fourteenth we had to continue celebrating our Valentine's Day on the fifteenth. We took a trip to my moms to see Jack, Emma, and Uncle Todd. 

Ava loved to give her cousin's her Valentine's!

Then I also had a Valentine's Day gift for Jack and Emma...

Here we all are with new Peepers I made for them, markers, and heart notepads.

Uncle Todd treated Ava to a gift of chocolate candy! He calls her Louise and she calls him Uncle Tawd... they really seem to share a special connection!

Finally, we visited Elise at the cemetery. We brought her flowers and a pink bear.

We have two bears like this pink one. One is Elise's which was in the cemetery last season and it is slightly faded. The other is Ava's which is brand new. She had a hard time giving Elise her bear back even though she has the same bear at home. We tied it to her vase and sent some kisses to heaven for her. Ava could hardly stand the idea of leaving this bear behind so she cried and cried and cried over it.

Crocodile Tears...

So we talked about sharing and what would be the nice thing to do... which would be leaving the bear in the cemetery. Ava thought about this for a while and she was still not wanting to leave this bear for Elise. So I said it would be sad to leave Elise with nothing. Ava thought about this again. With a snotty nose and tears in her eyes she said, "But Elise doesn't have nothin'... She has her flowers." How do you argue with that? So we cut the bear off the vase and left the flowers. Ey-Ey-Ey Kid! So on an ending note... We hope you all had as happy of a Valentine's Day as we did!

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