Saturday, March 10, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

In the worst winter snow of the season, Rob and I took Ava to Great Wolf Lodge. We left last Friday night in effort to beat the snow storm but ended up right in the middle of it. After a white knuckled five hour ride to Traverse City we made it in one piece to the Baymont Inn. Originally, we were planning on riding up Saturday morning with four other families but opted to leave early since our reservations were not refundable and we thought the highway would either be impassable or shut down. So... we hit the roads early and sighed a big sigh of relief when we safely parked our vehicles for the night.

Saturday afternoon our whole group which included the Barksdales, Kooistras, Arnoldinks, and Huysers made it to Great Wolf Lodge with a pack of wild kids ready to swim.

Here is a view of all of water park...

Ava loved sliding down on her tummy... The GWL staff blew the whistle on her several times for violating the rules and not going down on her butt!!!

She had fun swimming in the kiddy wadding pool.

Captain Ava...

She loves GWL!

Here is a cute picture of Ava on the steps of our room suite holding our "Elise Candle" and waiting for story time.

She had to tuck Dora in bed because she was tired from swimming all day!

Ava, Kamie, Alaina, Jacob, Kyle, and Kaylie waiting for the story to start.

Rob holding Baby Joe!

Here are all the animals telling the kids a bedtime tale.

Wolfie & Violet visited during the story.

My Wolf!

 Ava had to have a stuffed wolf from the gift shop that she had to name LOVELY. This is her telling the momma wolf outside the shop that she was going to take Lovely home and be her new momma.

She loves LOVELY!

Rob, Ava, and Lovely sitting in the lobby waiting for our pizza.

This happy kid made our trip worth the white knuckle ride. We can't wait for our next water adventure!

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