Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Todd's T-Shirt Quilt

As part of my 2012 goals to make something for each of my family members I created a quilt for my brother, Todd's, birthday. It was a big hit and now everyone would like one. I guess I will be busy for the rest of the cold months making quilts filled with flannel for the one's I love. As they say, a family stitched together with love seldom unravels!

It took me a handful of months just to get 30 T-Shirts. I wanted this to be a surprise for him so I rummaged through our closets and Goodwill for the majority of them. Finally, I asked him to give me a few of his own old T's for the final touches but he couldn't ask me what I was using them for. All thirty shirts have some meaning whether its a favorite sports team, hunting or fishing related, a place we have been, or an event we have supported!

After I organized the shirts out I cut them into 12 1/2 in by 12 1/2 in squares along with the 30 flannel squares I needed for this project.

Then I made T-Shirt/Flannel sandwiches and stitched each one with an "X."

Using the flannel I personalized a T-Shirt with an "e" for him because he tells me I need to mark my sewing goods with a label of sorts. I embroided it with our love saying, "LUV YA 4EBS XOXO" Which means, "I will Love You Forever - Hugs & Kisses!!!"

I also specialized the Detroit T-Shirt by keeping the neckline and making it into a pocket for the safe keeping of his remote, phone, or whatever else he wishes.

Then I sewed all thirty shirts together...

I used a rag scissor and snipped the boarders of all the shirt squares.

Finally, I washed it so the agitation of the cycle would rag the quilt and give it a cool frayed look.

Then the Wednesday before his 39th Birthday I invited him over for the secret Birthday Gift reveal! As he opened his quilt he noticed right away some of the shirts he donated to the cause...

Pleased and Surprised... He claims this is in his top three prized possessions!

16 hours in total... 5ft by 6ft... I am proud of my work!

I will love this brother of mine 4EBS!

On a tiny side note... Here is a picture of us taken at my mom's on one of our Wednesday Night Sleep-over Office Parties just before I cut the shirts. It's of him wearing one of his old favorites that made it into his quilt! We are holding up season 2 and enjoying a McDonald's flurry that was purchased with cash from my sewing sales. I love this picture of us even though we are not looking our best. Our smiles say we always have fun together no matter what MON'!"

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